Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mt. St. Helens, well at least we tried!

This picture shows lava formation just outside of Yakima on the way to White Pass. What I have read is there was a volcano in this area many ages ago called Goat Peak. This lava is what is left of it!!!! There is of course, a lot more, but this picture is the best to show what it looks like! Pretty cool!

This is Mt. St. Helens on September 28, 2008. We couldn't even get to the "blast zone", as the road was taken out during a snow slide this spring. It was going to be the last nice weekend this summer/fall, so we decided to go check it out! It was in the low 80's. There were all kinds of wild flowers blooming. It was a pretty nice day all in all.

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Rhodes Rules said...

Hey it is time to update the blog! It's been 7 months! I know you've done something in the last 7 months