Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Winery Tour

On Saturday, April 26, Bob and I went on a winery tour of the Rattlesnake Hills AVA. We didn't realize it was Spring Barrel Tasting, and it was very busy at each winery. We hit up 5 wineries, starting at Piety Flats where I got a bottle of a really interesting Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay, each 50%; then we ended up at Hyatt, as I took a wrong turn! I came home with 2 bottles of Zillah Gorilla, a really wonderful Zinfandel. They were tasting out the barrel, and it is already tasting great! Then we went to Silverlake, one of our favorites - wow, it took forever just to get up the drive as it was one-way traffic, no one was directing, and then once there, it was fun, just very busy. Left without even getting our passport stamped! We then went to Bonair, one of Bob's favorites, where we found Bung, an Australian Shepherd, and he really made me miss Fannie. So Bob took a couple pictures of the area, and the ducks/duck pond, and we left. He had taken a picture of me with the MINI parked on the grass. The MINI looks great parked on the grass! We then went to Eaton Hill Winery. I like this place. It is also for sale. It is an old tomato cannery, and during the war, we were told farmers could bring whatever needed canning, and they would can it for them! They make a wonderful nectarine white wine called Sun Gold. We tasted out of the barrel, and they will be bottling next month and it will be up for sale on July 1. I can't wait! It is so good this year! (Every other year is when to buy, this year for last years' crop). I also got a recipe for a posole they were tasting out, wow, it was wonderful! Can't wait to make it myself!

The PSMINI.org group is going on a tour in May, and I will have more information then, as they plan to go all the way down to Richland and spend the night. I will get to go to wineries I haven't been to before! And with a great group of people! There are several MINIs already signed up! I can't wait!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Whew! Made it to the dentist today! Had a tooth break on me a couple weeks ago, so he put a filling in it. On the way home, I could swear the thing came out! So I called his home phone and said I will make arangements on Monday to come back in. After looking at it with a flashlight in the mirror, it is okay! Just feels different, I guess. But the ride over was something! What weather would you like? I hit sun, snow, sleet, hail, rain, you name it, I got it! I had to wash my car before I left, knowing it was moot, but I couldn't see out the back window, and with the convertible, it is important to be able to see out the back window!

I got my hair cut as well, nice and short! So the picture doesn't look like me anymore! I talked to my niece Sarah today, (she is 4.5 yrs). It is so fun to talk to her now, as she can carry on a conversation! So I told her Fannie died, and she asked why, and I said because she was very, very old. But Max is still here, and that made her happy, she likes Max, and Max just fell in love with her! She asked how the farm was, and did I remember when she was here? I said of course I do, and maybe she will be able to come back soon!

I haven't taken Rose's blanket back off yet, she seems to like having it back on for these very cold nights! I think Zillah would like her blanket on, but since she is being a poop, she goes without! Her coat is still very thick. She is fine.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can't believe I just found this!

Wow, I wish I would have found this way back when, then I could have written here instead of all those newsletters through the email! The picture of me and Bob was taken 4.19.08 at the RAM Sportsbar and Grill. We were there for a luncheon put on by the MINI club. We had a great time, I think 17 MINIs were there and 33 people. It was great! I will post pics of the cars!

My back is still my back, however in February and March I went SKIING (!) with my nieces on the beginner slope and had a blast! I had pain, but I have pain pills! So what the heck!? That is my motto now, and I am going to try to do anything to get back into shape! I cannot believe how much weight I have put on and how little I eat! Oh well.

It is about time to get out the bicycle! Bob got one as well, so we can go biking together. At least I hope the weather starts looking like the Spring we are supposed to be in!

My new job (started 3.12.07) is going great! I recruited another Rite Aid don't wanna be to our team and we are starting to get more scripts, so things are looking up at the pharmacy! Yeah! I would rather be busy than not!