Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Stuff

What a tragedy at the Kentucky Derby, poor Eight Belles. I was rooting for her! And what a gorgeous Thoroughbred. Just a real sad freak accident.

I got news at work about a possible raise coming my way since I passed my National Exam. I will believe it when I see it! I did get a customer service award! What a shock to be treated to awards and raises for doing something good for a company, when all the last company did was drag me down.

I talked to my niece again, and we talked about Max (again!) and I told her he was taking a bath, and she asked was he taking a bath with a hose? This was after 8pm at night! I said no, he was just licking his toes!

I don't think I mentioned that I fell again a couple weeks ago. I thought I broke my left arm the pain was so bad, but only pulled a muscle! I still have issues with my shoulder however. Then last Sunday I was out in the sun a couple hours, and my legs got so sunburned - nothing happens to my legs! So bad they swelled up and hurt like heck to put lotion on. They are still very red, but now at the itchy stage, and one knee is peeling a bit already. The pharmacist said all those cortisone shots I have had in the last few years depletes the melanin in the skin, and this will be what will happen from now on. So I got some major sunscreen and will be using that from now on! I mean, I have a convertible! I will be in the sun this summer!

Speaking of the convertible, I was able to put the top down on Monday on my way home from work! First time this year! The wind was blowing so hard by the time I got half way home, I had to stop and put the top back up! Ahhh--warmth! It was some serious wind, there were a couple of gusts that if I had not had a seat belt on, I really feel like I would have been blown out of the car!

Enough for now.

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