Thursday, June 5, 2008


May 17 was the Haulin' Ash Winery Tour in memory of Mt. St. Helen's eruption. It was a chance for a whole lot of MINIs to get together, along with their respective owner's, to have fun and visit several wineries in the area. We started at this side of the mountains by a drive through the Canyon, and then the first stop was Piety Flats Winery, where everyone brought a picnic lunch and a great chance to get to know those who we had not met previously. Then we went to Windy Point Winery. What a great view they have of the valley! Then we headed to Prosser, where we made a stop at Canyon's Edge, where they have a lovely chocolate port called Jeremiah's Chocolate. Wow! Then we went to Airfield Estates, they had a great Merlot. You know me and my Merlots! From there we went to Kestrel Vineyards, and wow, everything was great! From there, Bob and I said goodbye to the club as they were headed to Tri-Cities for an overnight. We made one more stop at Olsen Winery, then headed home. What a great day! 43 MINIs! Wow! The temperature on the way home in Yakima reached exactly 100 degrees! What a great time it was... lots of good memories. Especially driving down the freeway and getting waves from every car on the road!

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