Monday, June 16, 2008

East Meets West on a Drive to Paradise/Packwood

June 7 was the day! What awful weather, but we had a great time! Bob and I went together in his MINI, and we met two more MINIs in Ellensburg to drive the Canyon Road together! Then we met up with three more MINIs in Naches, and drove up Hwy 410 to meet with many more MINIs on the other side! There were 27 MINIs total, I think because the weather held people home, and only five drove on up to Paradise after the lunch. The lunch was great! Everyone brought wonderful food, and there was sooo much of it! I took a yummy Antipasto Pasta Salad, and Bob brought two cases of soda! When we drove into the Park, a herd of Elk decided to depart! It was too much! It was a little damp, but everyone was in great spirits. We met so many great people, and several from this side of the mountains!

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