Thursday, June 5, 2008

May 31st

Well, Bob has been looking for a MINI now ever since the Haulin' Ash tour. So today we went looking and he came home with a 2005 Chili Red Cooper with a white roof! No stripes, but a sunroof! We then met with a couple from the MINI club that I purchased a cabrio cover from, and they each brought their cars! So we had a little MINI meeting at the Park and Ride! What a hoot they are! We ended up talking for about an hour! Then we went to Heidi's where we played a zoo game with the girls, and had dinner and desert then we drove home in our respective MINIs! We had a great day all in all!

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Rhodes Rules said...

2 minis! That is funny! My Brother has a friend that has a red mini with a british flag on the roof. I think it looks awesome, but then I am 1/2 british!